Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo or simply Jackie but also known now as Jameelah Rose is a Singaporean artist and a member of the electronic ethnic fusion band Travellators. Jacklyn Soo or Jacko as she is also called is the vocalist of the band and she plays the Gamelan and toy instruments. So she is really into folk music and she and the band have entertain the president of Singapore and his friends before at the National Library. She is also into contemporary art, poetry and photography art in which she also model. She says, “the purpose of my artwork is to inspire self-awareness and self-therapy; to give and share the self, to guide and channel negative attitudes into positively.” And a comment on her Facebook seem to indicate she is having the grand opening to her art exhibit this Saturday.

The pictures are of a Singaporean gal name jacklyn soo. age 27, wanna be artist n musician. Playing for a local band called TRAVELLATORS.

After reading the email and seeing the pictures, more research was required. And by “moreresearch” I mean more pictures and/or video of this chick in the throws of passion. So an email reply was sent to the anonymous contributor requesting more pics and/or video because the images that were received looked like screen shots from a sexy homemade movie. Waited for awhile and totally forgot about it after nothing else was received. Came across it again a few days ago after starting a review of the archived emails. And decided to looking into it further thus learned a lot more about Jacklyn Soo. She detailed an incident in which she was molested by the then boyfriend of her mother. No pun intended (you will get it after you read the story about the incident) but she wanted to get this secret off her chest so she posted it to her journal for all to see:

A secret revealed – Mum’s bf molested me when I was 19
Aug 12, ’07 2:16 AM
for everyone

Today is Sunday and normally Sundays are good days as it is a day for reflection, rest and joy.
However, every Sunday I am faced with an incident from my past and I have finally decided to write this out publicly after telling my friend, Eugene about this matter.

Every Sunday, my Mother’s boyfriend visits my home and stays in her room, sometimes fucking her from 11am – 130pm. He is a married man aged somewhere between 48-50 yrs old and has a dying wife suffering from cancer, 3 daughters and a young boy who is still schooling in a secondary school.

His name is Jeffery something. He brings food and drinks to my home every Sunday and lends a supporting ear to my mum when she tells him about her daily life. He is always dressed properly when he comes to my place but I never smile or greet him once.

Now, you may think this is a typical story about disliking ‘Stepfathers’ who wants to win affection and love from his lover’s children, you are wrong, I can tell you that.
I was molested by this fucker when I was 19 yrs old and I regret not telling the authorities about this as I chosed not to because my mother asked me to keep to a secret. I have hinted severely to my relatives about this but I never chosed to tell them. I may do so one day when the time is right for I do not believe in my mother’s bf’s behavior and character. He has violated me as a person what more a child of his supposedly lover and I often think he has done more harm than this one mistake he told my mum he will never repeat.

It was a Monday morning when I called out to my mother. I had called out to her asking for our cordless phone. I had to make a phone call to a friend who was going to Australia for his studies and I wanted to bid him goodbye.

As I called out for my mother a few times, he opened the door and asked what was it I wanted. I was rather shocked to see him opening my door as he has never done so before. So immediately I thought it was a Sunday and that he was here to visit our
home like he has done so for the past 2 years.

I asked where my mother was and he said she is at work. So i asked him what day it was today and he said it was Monday. Then I asked where my maid was and he said she is at the market so I asked him what was he doing here and he said he was here to use the toilet. At that time, I did not know that he had the keys to my house as my mother had passed him a copy of our home keys for him to use.

Without thinking deeper, I asked him kindly if he could help me take the telephone from my mother’s room. He promptly responded with a kind gesture and went to her room to pick up the phone. I was still sleepy and in bed when the conversation took place.

When he came back and stepped into my room, he gave the phone to me and I reached my hand out from under my blanket to take it from him.

I said my thanks and proceeded to call my friend. Just as I was pressing the numbers on the phone, I felt his hand on my left breast. He had cupped his entire hand on my breast and had time to hold both of my breasts in both of his hands! I was shocked and pushed his hands away and asked him to get out.

When I am at home, I do not wear my bra nor do I wear my bra to sleep as it is truly uncomfortable to sleep in a brasserie.

This is my mother’s home and I have the right as her child to behave or adopt my own style of living in her house so any thought of me trying to seduce or letting an open audience desire for my body is not valid here. I have no intentions of letting anyone touch me or me seducing anyone because I do not wear bras at home.

I put the phone down and asked him to get out of my house immediately. Before he did so, he put his hands together and asked for my forgiveness. He had also begged me not to inform my mother but I would and I did.

A day after, I revealed this incident to my mother and she replied in her usual cool demeanor that I was lying.

I was shocked my mother had not believe me so I told her the whole scenario in detail and by then, she had acknowledged my fact and started to cry. She still could not believe my story and said she will ask him herself personally. In the mist of this drama, I had also told her that she had picked the wrong man to take care of her and that I hope she will make the right choice after hearing what he had to say.

I was wrong about my expectations. Can you believe that my mother, despite her boyfriend confessing to his deed, is still seeing him after a good 7 years after that incident happened in 2000?

Until today I do not know whether or not to be happy or sad for my mother. She came home one day after work to tell me that her bf had confessed to his actions and that he was terribly sorry for what he did. He had told my mother that he had taken some chicken of essence when he came to my house that Monday morning before leaving the place and because of that drink, he was clouded and not thinking straight. I never knew chicken of essence would make someone horny and not in his.her right frame of mind. In that case, shall we stop the manufacturing of the product and disallow people to consume it?


My mother told me she will take the key back from him and that this incident will not happen again. I did not say anything but had asked my mother to promise to keep her word.

There are many more things I would like to condemn this man to. First for committing adultery, second for molesting me and last but not least, for telling all those lies to his wife and family that he has stopped seeing my mother.

I will never allow him to share his opinions or give advice to me on anything in my life and I will never respect him my whole life. Coming from a high ranking position in the army, this guy is seriously fucked up and thinks he can get away with his mistakes. He told my mother before that he cannot let anyone know he is seeing her otherwise he will be asked to resign from the army. I don’t know what happen but he is not
in the army now and is currently jobless after his last job as a taxi driver.

What am I going to do? I feel so powerless in this matter because it seems everything has been decided when I had not send him to the police years ago. You may be asking me why I am now only writing this out and if I am seeking sympathy for this. I am not sure what I want to do with this matter as I do not know what to do but I wrote this because I am sick and tired of my mother trying to convince me that seeing a guy outside of my race or religion will embarrass everything about her. Does she still have a right then to voice her opinions on me when she is keeping a molester under her wing?

Yeah, it reads like a damn soap opera. The bastard stepfather… And here are the leaked nude pictures of Jacklyn Soo that may put her off men forever and turn her into a full-blown lesbo. Poor girl, men just keep on betraying her again and again. The reasoning behind this statement is because I am thinking some of these x-rated pictures were taken by her boyfriend or lover or someone who then shared it with one too many of his friends.

Singapore Travellators Band Member Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures And Dark Secret Revealed

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo Leaked Private Nude Pictures

Jacklyn Soo now known as Jameelah Rose (born 1981 in Singapore) is an Singaporean artist and musician. She has been a gamelan musician for 7 years, a multi-disciplinary fine artist and founder of Travellators. She aspires to express visions that go beyond the conventional and to present/introduce artistes of similar thought. Jacklyn Soo graduated from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 2001. She participated in Worm’s Festival 1999 and 2000 (organised by Plastique Kinetic Worms) and The Artists Village’s Post-Ulu (1999-2000). She also organized a performance involving local musicians and artists in 2000.

She started playing Indonesian Gamelan as an extra class during her Fine Art studies at the now Lasalle College of the Arts and soon found herself progressing and performing in numerous music events both on the international and local front. Her teachers are well-known Gamelan professors, Dr. Alex Dea and Pak Midiyanto. Both of which have contributed and helped shaped her interest in preserving ethnic cultures.

Jacklyn experiences Gamelan music as an “offering to nature in the most abstract form” and with this notion in mind and heart, she takes on new challenges in working on both traditional and new-creation music.

Jacklyn has performed at various events such as the Opening Festival of The Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay in October 2002 (Singapore), the Opening of Asian Civilisation Museum 2003 and Opening Festival of the ArtsHouse 2004. In March 2005, she was selected alongside 2 other members from Gamelan asm罫慧系・for Continuum Asia Project Youth-to-Youth Exchange to Luang Prabang, LAOS organised by Theatreworks Singapore.

Jacklyn holds a certificate of Javanese (Solo) Gamelan playing from STSI (Surakarta) and is a pioneer member of Singaporeユs First Professional Gamelan Company/Ensemble, Gamelan asm罫慧系・

She provides artistic direction, motivation, gamelan traditional/experimental tunes and vocals for the band.

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