Justin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu’s Career

Justin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu‘s Career

Justin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu’s Career

Maggie Wu

Since Taiwanese actress, Maggie Wu’s (吳亞馨) nude photos were exposed in the Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex scandal, she has hidden from the public for nearly two months. The scandal propelled Maggie to become a household name across Asia. With the airing of her new drama, Heaven Show <天堂秀>, Maggie once again became the center of attention. Fans praised Maggie’s acting and hoped she would return to the entertainment circle soon.

Many people who sided with Maggie in the Justin Lee scandal protested that she was a victim who deserved sympathy. Fans requested that the public should not attack her for the incident. They believe Maggie is a low-key and hard-working artist from a simple family, who reportedly has to support twelve family members through her income. Additionally, Maggie’s performance in Heaven Show revealed her ability to work hard, so she should be given a break. On the other hand, there are still people who leer at how she realized her Cinderella dream in Heaven Show

Maggie Wu Leaked Nude Sex Photos With Justin Lee In The Taiwan Cele-brity Sex Scandal

A Strong Woman, On And Off Screen

Heaven Show is a joint TV drama production between Guangdong Southern Pilot Video Spread Co. and the Beijing Huasheng Goldborn International Media Co. The main cast includes mainland Chinese actor, Lu Yi (陸毅), Korean actress Han Ji Hye (韓智慧), and Maggie Wu. The ratings romantic drama, featuring idol stars, have been good.

As one of the idol cast, Maggie was naturally the center of the online discussion. Netizens argue that Maggie outperformed Han Ji Hye in Heaven Show, and remarked that Maggie performed like an experienced actress, instead of a teen idol.

Following her excellent performance in Heaven Show and the wide acceptance of her acting, Maggie’s real life “courageous story” also attracted a lot of discussion online. It was rumored that since she began working, Maggie has been responsible for her family of twelve, which spans across three generations. In real life, Maggie, as a big sister, also took on the role of a mother, which is quite similar to her strong character in Heaven Show.

In the drama, Maggie portrays “Yuen Sirong” in the series, a pretty woman from a rich family who lacks the pretentiousness of a rich girl. As a CEO, she runs the company successfully and handles her work affairs efficiently. She is well supported by her subordinates and people from within the same industry. The executive producer of the show said Maggie’s hard work in acting paid off as she portrayed the many sides of a wild, self-centered, and strong woman perfectly.

Netizens Notice Dramatic Improvement

Although in real life Maggie is experiencing an embarrassing sex scandal, forcing her to disappear from all public events since August, her acting career is blossoming. After the airing of Heaven Show, her popularity increased, and hopefully it will erase most, if not all of the negativity generated from the Justin Lee scandal.

Many netizens applauded her eye opening performance and improvement. Compared to her previous performances, Maggie exhibits her inner emotional side in Heaven Show. Some went on and said they were simply startled by Maggie’s impressive acting. Portraying a CEO, she is mature and sister-like, and equally convincing as a girlfriend. Maggie’s performance was close to perfection when switching from one personality to another.

As an artist of multiple facets, Maggie has yearned for a show that can truly display her talent in acting. The airing of Heaven Show finally gave her a chance to show her talent and obtain the viewers’ acceptance. One moment she was wild and mature, in another moment, she is a vulnerable woman yearning for affection. One netizen said Maggie was able to projects the many angles and personalities, making the pretty, and rich character into a likable character.

Maggie Wu Sex Scandal

Justin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu’s Career

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Will Not Sue Justin Lee

Although Maggie has halted all her work projects since her nude photos with Justin surfaced, her popularity only seemed to soar higher. Maggie’s manager stated that Maggie continued to receive offers to act in dramas, commercials and promotional events.

Shying away from public scrutiny to fully rest from her devastated emotions, Maggie has not yet decided when to resume her work. Although ten women are currently pressing drug ra-pe charges against Justin Lee in court, Maggie is not one of them. Maggie’s manager indicated that Maggie will not be pressing any charges against her ex-boyfriend.

Justin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu’s CareerJustin Lee’s Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu’s Career


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Maggie Wu Leaked Nude Sex Photos With Justin Lee In The Taiwan Cele-brity Sex Scandal
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