Singapore nudists romped wild at a Penang beach

So a group of Singaporean nudists did a nude sports games at a Penang beach and got the authorities all hot and bothered. This Singapore guy who organised the event, Albert Yam, even claimed that the park ranger granted clearance for the event! Hahaha! Kopi money is not grant clearance leh!

Anyway, the gender balance for this group is kinda imbalanced. Looks like Albert has to work harder at getting more female nudists to join (and get the chio ones please!)

Singapore nudists romped wild at a Penang beach

Singapore nudists romped wild at a Penang beach

A video purportedly depicting Singaporeans organising a “nude sports games” on a secluded part of Penang island is beginning to make its rounds and has set tongues wagging.

The five-minute-26-second video, which was uploaded on to Vimeo by a user identified only as Albert, showcased 18 nudists holding their annual “Malaysia Nude Sports Games 2014″.

Questions are now being asked on how such activities are being allowed to take place on Malaysian soil as it is clear that laws have been violated, besides going against local culture and sensitivities.

According to the video’s description, the self-proclaimed naturists and nudists had assembled at the Teluk Bahang jetty, Penang, where they then made their way to a secluded part of the island, believed to be Teluk Kampi.

Albert also claimed that the park ranger granted clearance for the event.

The site comes under the purview of the National Parks and Wildlife Department (Perhilitan).

Albert claimed that the 18 of them were the only ones on site.

The event kicked off with participants painting each other’s bodies after stripping down before going for a 2km walk and skinny dipping.

The group professes to be nature lovers and nudists.

“For once we really get to enjoy the natural environment and atmosphere just as how nature intended it to be,” the description read.

The event was believed to have taken place in a day.

A check by The Rakyat Post (TRP) later showed that Albert could be Albert Yam, who is named as the director in the video.

Further checks by TRP discovered that Yam is a member of Naturism in Singapore, where he wrote the following in his introduction:

“I am a friendly nudist. I love outdoor activities. I organised nude activities in Singapore. I’m the moderator of SgNudClub. :-)”

Malaysian Nude Games Video Making Rounds On Social Media

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